How Do You Enforce the US Constitution When the Government is Breaking It?


A Conversation With Dr. Cynthia McKinney

By Catherine Austin Fitts

“We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result. There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities.”
~ Edward R. Murrow

“The higher I got up in the agency [CIA], the more I began to see illegal, unconstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the agency and some other sectors of the ‘Shadow Government’ (I call it) were doing – things that were illegal and were unconstitutional and I always have to say this: The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It supersedes every other law in the U.S. criminal system and the judicial branch. That’s worth remembering, when the U.S. Government violates the constitution they are committing multiple felonies based on the foundation of our government. We must always remember that.”

“As a federal agent I had to swear an oath to our constitution, to defend our constitution, from enemies foreign and domestic. The problem was, there were some that were domestic! And there were some that happened to be in our own government. So I had to make a decision, was I going to uphold my oath to the constitution or was I going to shrink back and for me that was an easy decision…I chose to stand for the constitution and that’s why I’m here…”
~ Kevin Shipp – Former CIA Officer: Anti-terrorism Specialist

Listen to the interview with Dr. McKinney:

On July 1, 2017, three days before Americans celebrated our Independence Day, I sat with former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, now a professor of political science, in her apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh to record a conversation about the US Constitution. This conversation followed a week of intense discussion with Dr. McKinney, drawing on her 12 years of experience in Congress and many years of passionate activism on behalf of human rights globally.

We discussed the power of the US Constitution and the covenant it has created, the dire nature of what will happen if it is changed, and the incredible possibilities if we can enforce it through actions we can take in our own lives.

Cynthia McKinney Asks Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Hard Questions

Cynthia McKinney Presents at the 9/11 Revisited Conference in Kuala Lumpur


We also discussed the importance of beginning a conversation about how we can enforce the US Constitution while the government is breaking it.

The purpose of this written portion of the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up 2017 is to kick off such a discussion. What are the issues? My contribution to this discussion focuses primarily on the financial aspects of this task. This is an ongoing conversation and it will require the contributions of many people. However, I am confident that we can ultimately enforce the US Constitution and that we have the capacity to do so.

Coming Clean

cleanThe first action we must take is to “come clean” in our own lives. We must shift support from the people and institutions that are destroying the US Constitution (including processing illegal transactions and securities fraud with federal government information systems or bank and securities accounts) to the people and institutions that are supporting the US Constitution and US financial management laws.

This support will include shifting our bank deposits to a good local bank or credit union:

We must also shift our consumer purchases and investments:

Many of us do not comprehend the power we can create by coming clean. Given the leverage in the financial system, our individual bank deposits, choice of employers or business partners, purchases, and investments all have a significant impact. Coming clean includes our choice of friends and associates. Throughout history, shunning has been a powerful tool for change.

Spiritual Warfare

spiritual warfareOne of the challenges we face in coming clean is seeing that we are engaged in a global war on the human race (and on all living things) by a group of people who are Luciferian in their practice and demonic in their behavior. In short, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. This means that we must choose sides between good and evil and then draw on the power of divine intelligence for good to prevail.

Let’s engage the power of prayer to help us see how we can best enforce the Constitution and implement the actions necessary to do so.

Governance Structures 

State and Local Representation:

gavelWe vote for political representation in local, state, and federal elections. First, we can ensure that our voting systems function properly by eliminating electronic voting equipment (and related private contractors) and return to the voting system that the state of Maine uses: paper ballots.

Second, we must pay attention to local and state elections.

Political change works from the bottom up – start locally and rebuild your power from the ground.

Financial Transparency:

currencyWe must learn how the money works around us to ensure that resources are lawfully managed by state and local governments. This will make it possible to hold our Congressmen accountable for the lawful management of resources by the federal government.

We can also encourage local and independent media to “follow the money” to make it easier to monitor how the money works around us.

Federal Representation:

In choosing your Congressional representatives, you can require loyalty to the United States by never voting for a candidate who holds dual citizenship and by demanding that your Congressional representatives move to outlaw dual citizenship in Congress, the military, and the executive branch. This requirement should also include any contractors or contractor personnel providing classified national security functions or handling telecommunications, accounting, or financial information or payment systems. Such dual citizenship represents an unacceptable conflict of interest that, in my opinion, has contributed significantly to a deterioration of the US financial condition in violation of the Appropriations Clause of the US Constitution.

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney describes how all members of Congress must sign a pledge to vote for supporting the military superiority of Israel – or suffer consequences.

You need to help publish lists of any politicians, members of the military, and government officials who maintain dual citizenship. With such a list, we must specifically target these people and insist that they resign or give up their dual citizenship. If they do not comply, let’s make sure that they are not re-elected.

You need to know why your candidates have signed the AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) pledge and refuse to vote for any Congressman who has signed such a pledge. Let’s also publish a list of all politicians who have signed an AIPAC pledge and challenge them on their conflicts of interest.

You need to know why a Congressional candidate has voted appropriations for agencies that refuse to comply with the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution and US financial management laws. Demand that these candidates comply and require an accounting and return of all undocumentable adjustments at any agencies for which they have oversight or appropriation responsibilities. If they do not, it is time to replace them.  Here is one of my letters to a Tennessee Congressman to help you ensure accountability from your Congressman:

You also need to demand that your elected representatives force government agencies to provide local transparency regarding the US federal budget and contracting budgets. Here is a letter to my Congressman to help you write such letters:

In addition, demand that Congress provides online, open source simulations to all citizens of the pro forma financial impact of all proposed legislation for a period of 10 days before a vote may be taken.

Most importantly, you need to stop being afraid of retaliation for holding your elected representatives responsible. Instead, you need to insist that 10 of your friends, family, and colleagues join you in taking these actions and that they ask 10 more people to join them.

There is strength in numbers – come into your power.


Please make sure that you understand and appreciate the Constitutional powers of your local sheriff and ensure that the best possible person is elected to that office in your county.

Act locally to prevent and remove any mandates that restrict your privacy or expose you to physical harm or mind control:

  • Cellphone towers, including the smaller 5G towers.
  • Smart meters.
  • Mandated vaccines.
  • Food safety rules that compromise your ability to grow your own food or to buy food from local farmers.
  • The spraying of heavy metals or other poisons.
  • Adding fluoride to drinking water.

Ensure your right to own and carry firearms. In my opinion, the US intelligence and enforcement agencies (and the private contractors and mercenaries with which they collaborate) are marketing illegal drugs and firearms into your community.  You cannot afford to be over-powered or out-gunned. At the same time, you must appreciate the dangers of mind control technologies that are being applied in the midst of a well-armed population. Also, please make sure that you have proper training and practice.

Creating Sovereignty – State and Local Government:

Enforcing the US Constitution will require a greater level of sovereignty at the state and local level.

Unfortunately, because the federal government can dictate a growing flow of mandates and borrow a near infinite amount of money (because the central bank can print money and buy Treasury bills and bonds), state and local governments have been “squeezed.”

Let’s reverse that squeeze.

Stop the Con-Con: Stop any efforts to pressure your state legislators to support the call for a constitutional convention.

Start a State Bank: State banks owned and operated by the state government should:

  • Serve as depository agents for the state.
  • Ensure payment system integrity within the state.
  • Provide lending capacity for the state and state incorporated banks and credit unions (but not to individuals or companies).
  • Provide for a state gold and silver depository available to both state and local government, citizens, and businesses.

Mandate that the state bank create a division committed to financial privacy within the state that will ensure the integrity of all telecommunications and digital payment systems from invasion of privacy and mind control technology. This division would also provide curriculum to local schools that will teach students how to (1) create their own private encryption systems and (2) test the integrity of information systems.

In addition, mandate that the state bank determines how it will respond to the adaptation of blockchain technology.

Shift State and Local Financial Flows: Shift state and local banking, investment, and servicing out of any banks that manage the federal bank account (and which have been responsible for operating the federal accounts outside of Constitutional law) to banks that do not have such conflicts of interest.

Withdraw Certificates of Good Standing: Require the US Secretary of State to withdraw certificates of standing from any financial institution that has paid out federal settlements of more than $1 billion for financial fraud and other financial crimes in the last 10 years or is complicit in implementing unconstitutional transactions with the federal accounts. In addition, require the US Secretary of State to withdraw certificates of standing from any contractor that has provided accounting or payment systems services to federal agencies with undocumentable adjustments. Ensure that all such institutions are prevented from doing business with the state and local governments.

Stop and reverse the privatization of state and local employees. All governmental functions (particularly tax, treasury, cash management, investment, accounting, and payment or other financial functions) must be overseen or provided by career civil service government employees.

Address Mind Control Head On!: Outlaw the application of mind control technologies within the state (whether by federal or private telecommunication, media, or other parties) and create the necessary enforcement capacity to implement these laws.

Taxes:  Cancel state and local sales taxes (if any) on gold and silver transactions and make it an option for state and local taxes to be paid in gold and silver.

Creating Sovereignty – Federal Government – Protecting Our Tax Dollars

This is the most important and most challenging aspect of your enforcement of the US Constitution. We are paying taxes to the federal government while the government is violating financial management laws and the Constitution in its disbursement of those tax dollars. Indeed, the government is funding illegal and criminal activities that are doing harm. You are financing your own destruction and you need to stop doing so.

How do we enforce the Appropriations Clause of the US Constitution? There are several possibilities:

  • Lobby state legislators to increase staff and budgets for state and local attorneys general (AGs). Require state AGs to significantly increase litigation against the federal government in order to roll back federal mandates that are harming state and local finances.
  • Direct state AGs to propose legal mechanisms against the New York Fed and its member banks for effecting transactions that are unconstitutional and illegal. This proposal would include legal mechanisms to recapture missing monies from the New York Fed and its member banks. Review the options to assert common law right of offset against the debts of state and local governments, resident students, and citizens. Review the options to seize the assets and equity held by New York Fed member banks and government contractors to satisfy their liabilities for undocumentable adjustments.
  • Create tax escrows under the control of (i) state or local government, (ii) state and local courts, or (iii) private trusts. File federal tax reports with the IRS, but make the payment into the escrow until (and unless) the US Treasury has documented and recaptured the undocumentable adjustments and published audited financial statements as required by law. The escrow will provide an annual financial report to the Treasury. Pay a pro-rata share to the US government for servicing on the national debt and a portion of military expenses. The remainder will be held in escrow until the federal government obeys the appropriation clause of the law with respect to expenditures and disclosure and may be used to provide for domestic federal expenses within the state under state control.
  • Determine a path for the courts to mandate the federal government to provide an amount up to an equivalent of the bank bailouts to fund state and local pension funds and health care shortfalls and critical infrastructure needs.
  • Determine a path for the courts to mandate that the federal government refinance all student loan debt at the Fed Funds rate (the much lower insider rate that the banks get).

Control Files

droneYou need to engage with your neighbors and local leaders to create private Truth & Reconciliation Committees for every city or state, made up of respected citizens with experience in government, business, media, military, intelligence, and law enforcement. Have these committees create a process to help cleanse leaders who are willing and able to come clean of their “control files.” This includes being able to screen out mind control or covert operators who attempt to compromise the integrity of this process. You must also provide enforcement against domestic and foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies (as well as private operators) who seek to entrap, threaten, bully, or blackmail elected and appointed leaders.

Food & Farming 

farmEnforcement against illegal activities by the federal government will be much easier if we are economically independent – beginning with being able to provide fresh, nutritious food.

You need to work to amend food safety laws and regulations to make gardening and local farming profitable in the market:

  • Require school boards to buy food from local farmers wherever possible.
  • Encourage the creation of state and local (or mobile) slaughter houses: make intra-state meat inspection equivalent to that of the USDA.
  • Make the growth and sale of marijuana and hemp legal in your state.

Why wait for robotics and artificial intelligence to decimate existing employment? Let’s engage robotics and AI to grow our own food, local farms, and businesses.

Utilities and Energy

oilEnforcing the Constitution will be much easier if we are energy self-sufficient. Creating our own energy locally will also help free us from the “smart grid” of towers, meters, and appliances that are subjecting us to increasingly dangerous levels of EMF radiation, surveillance, and mind control.

We can create profitable local alternatives. Why wait for new technologies to decimate existing employment? Let’s learn more about these technologies and figure out how to create our own energy.

Equity Capital 

tickerCreate a state crowdfunding law to make it easy for local areas to raise capital for local incubators, venture capital pools, and REITS and to facilitate and maintain secondary markets for the equity interests and securities created.

Document the amount of money being spent by each county on alcohol, illegal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, carbonated drinks, lottery tickets, and cable television. Then, estimate what would be possible if 50% of these funds were invested annually in local incubators, venture capital pools, and REITS. Make these studies available to all local and independent media and publish them online.


educationIntegrate curriculum into local schools that will help students understand how to create their own encryption systems and how to test for and protect themselves against mind control technologies and EMF radiation.

Encourage excellence in mathematics from an early age – studies on financial literacy show that the foundation of financial literacy is excellence in mathematics.

Return the control of curriculum, physical facilities, hiring, and other policies to local schools (other than the requirement to purchase food locally, when possible).  Reverse any mandates that require Common Core.

Encourage state and school associations to provide open source materials and software – including best practices information, recommendations, and support – for school curriculum.  This should include early education to help students understand how local economic and financial systems really work.

Significantly increase funding for exchange programs with schools in other countries and programs to integrate business and other curriculum with local businesses. Start a “shark tank” to facilitate capital funding of student enterprise.

Local Civic & Volunteer Groups  

main streetReturn the jurisdiction of all volunteer fire companies to state jurisdiction and reduce time commitments for required training – or offer sufficient financial compensation for training time.

Encourage leadership training, participatory budgeting, and community prayer.

Consider a neighborhood Constitution Conversation. Read a copy of the US Constitution together and then determine what this document means to your neighborhood and what you can do to enforce it.


If corporations have the right of personhood, then there should be jail time and a death penalty for corporations as there are for people. Let’s determine how we will implement this change, starting with the US Secretary of State withdrawing certificates of good standing on a temporary or permanent basis from any corporation or enterprise with a documented history of harming or killing people.

Dreadful Ideas

Here are two ideas you are not going to fall for – and you’re not going to let the people around you fall for them either. A con-con (constitutional convention) is a dreadful idea. So is state secession. These processes would allow the people who stole all the money through the financial coup d’état to keep their stolen money and to avoid funding Social Security, retirement, and health care obligations.

American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention with Edwin Vieira, Jr.

American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention with Edwin Vieira, Jr. (PDF)

Listen to this Solari Report:


Each of these ideas needs fleshing out. In addition, this is just a beginning. There are many more steps to be taken, including brilliant ideas I have never imagined…but which you can.

If you have ideas, please post them at the subscriber input area and I will use them to continue to improve this list.

Let’s do it!