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  1. Introduction
  2. How Do You Enforce the US Constitution When the Government is Breaking It?
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“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”
~ Deuteronomy 30:19

Twenty years ago, I made a decision. I had to choose between my wealth and social position or my core principles. I had to decide which was more important to me – to remain a member of the establishment or to refuse to be a party to genocide; to choose individual sovereignty or high-paid slavery. I think of that decision often these days as I watch the American people individually and collectively approach a similar decision point.

I made my choice early. Now, everyone who has not made that choice will be forced to make it. The middle of the road is disappearing. Each of us will have to choose and, hopefully, defend our individual sovereignty and the sovereignty and rights of those around us. The alternative is to watch our federal government and our military engage in an acceleration of global war and profiteering. The private companies and investors who currently exercise control over our government are using it to operate violently and above the law. Global surveillance and the ability to murder with impunity is the real source of inequality. Our risks of high-tech slavery, poverty, or death are rising as state and local governments write down pension funds and write off essential services such as functioning water and sewer systems.

As US citizens reach these crossroads, we will make our decisions individually and collectively. Since 1776, US citizens have enjoyed the blessings and protection of one of the most powerful covenants ever made: the US Declaration of Independence and, more importantly, the US Constitution with its Bill of Rights. That covenant has been under assault for a long time and enforcement has been far from perfect. However, the forces that would completely shred the US Constitution have now assembled for an all-out assault.

As I said in our latest Annual Wrap Up 2016 in January, the period of “slow burn” and “kick the can” is over. We have entered a new phase of controlled demolitions. Significant legal and retirement obligations are being abrogated or written down daily. A major overhauling of institutions is underway, in many cases necessitated by two decades of financial coup d’etat.

Those of us who are US citizens can either enforce the Constitution or lose it. As an out-of-control military-industrial complex destroys productivity and perpetuates global war, the impact of our success or failure on citizens everywhere will be profound. Billions of people throughout the planet should be praying that we get this right.

The theme of our Solari Report 2nd Quarter Wrap Up 2017 is dedicated to helping you understand the importance of the choice that American citizens now face and to begin a conversation about HOW. How can we protect and reinvigorate the US Constitution for ourselves and our children, for future generations, and for people who desire freedom throughout the planet? This quarterly Wrap Up follows our special Solari Report in February, American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention, with Edwin Vieira, Jr. – a report that was inspired by requests from subscribers who are fearlessly fighting state legislative proposals for a constitutional convention or “con-con.”

To ensure that Solari Report subscribers have access to insider expertise, I flew to Bangladesh to spend a week with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. For many years, Dr. McKinney was the most powerful Congressional voice against trillions disappearing from the US government and the relationship of that money to multiple crimes against humanity – including global human slave trafficking. I would like to thank Dr. McKinney for hosting me in Bangladesh and for her generous contribution of time and formidable intellect and experience.

As always, our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up includes a summary of the last 90 days of news – News Trends & Stories – and financial charts – Financial Markets. We have added a section in News Trends & Stories called “Go Local” reflecting our Top Picks editor Brad Eddins’ commitment to spend more time finding and publishing examples of local action and success. As always, Brad has done an incredible job of assembling the stories in the News Trends & Stories section.

Given the acceleration of events and the resulting explosion of important news, we have added a section called Long Term Trends to focus attention on some of the most important trends we have been tracking for many years – as well as links to prior Wrap Ups and Solari Reports that will help you dive into our archives for more.

We have also added a section called Solari Core Concepts in response to subscriber requests regarding how to access information on concepts critical to our analysis of current events. These include “control files,” “entrainment,” and “pushing the red button.” We thought a list of core concepts with links to some great materials in the Solari Report libraries would help you get more value from your subscription.

Our 1st Quarter Wrap Up 2017 covered the first 70 days of the Trump administration and included a “report card” grading the new administration in numerous categories. With input from Dr. Joseph Farrell, we have updated this report card for the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up 2017.

Finally, under Financial Markets, we have updated our Annual Wrap Up 2015 list of companies involved in space, dividing them between companies whose stocks are traded in the US, Europe, and Asia as well as private space companies and governmental organizations. The space-based economy is growing and will continue to do so as we become a multi-planetary civilization.

In one sense, our efforts regarding the missing money and enforcement of the Constitution are about whether or not we will equitably share the benefits of our taxpayer investment in this effort.

In addition to visiting Bangladesh during the 2nd Quarter, I spent a week in Hong Kong as that great city marked its 20th anniversary under Chinese rule. The people of Hong Kong are struggling with the same forces of central control that we face in the United States. Freedom brings innovation, productivity, and prosperity. When centralized power wants the benefit of that prosperity, it threatens the legal foundations and the trust and financial liquidity that are essential to prosperity. All around us, the forces of global control threaten to kill “the goose that lays the golden egg.”

Prior to visiting Hong Kong, I spent three weeks in Australia. That trip included a great lunch with Solari Report subscribers at the Fish Café in Sydney on my last day there. My visit also helped me plan our upcoming subscriber trip to Uluru in the Australian Outback (May, 2018) with Richard Dolan and Jason Bawden-Smith.

Another special event in the 2nd Quarter was our lunch in Louisville, Kentucky in May to celebrate the successful funding of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Dr. Joseph P Farrell Virtual Pipe Organ Crowdfund. Dr. Farrell delivered an exceptional speech, “On Culture, Politics and Organ Musicwhich you can find at the crowdfund website. Special thanks to colleagues Chuck McCorkle and Kathy Churay and the many generous donors for helping to make this dream come true. Stay tuned for a virtual pipe organ delivery in the 3rd Quarter!

I am currently writing from San Francisco with plans to head to Maine, New York, Santa Fe (the opera!), Switzerland, Austria (more opera!), Germany, Italy (Beethoven!), The Netherlands, and Iceland during the 3rd Quarter.

Getting to know you as I travel is one of the finest benefits of serving a global audience of Solari Report subscribers.

Just remember, whatever challenges lie before us, we have the capacity to gather our power and rise to the occasion.

Yes, we can!

Catherine Austin Fitts
US Independence Day, July 4, 2017