Long-Term Trends


The news is so explosive that Dr. Joseph Farrell and I decided to begin our discussion by revisiting some of the deeper trends we’ve covered in recent Annual and Quarterly Wrap Ups. We hope that this helps new Solari Report subscribers access some of the great materials available to help you understand events around you.

Space Here We Go!

We are becoming a multi-planetary civilization.

Financial Coup d’État, the Black Budget, and the Hidden System of Finance

One of the best ways to understand the enormous gap between reality and “official reality” is to follow the money trail. If you follow the growth of covert financial systems and flows since World War II and study how money and finance are used to manage people and our economy, things begin to make much more sense.

Planet Equity / Planet Debt

The global equity markets have grown by $60 trillion during the last 25 years, from approximately $11 trillion to $70 trillion. Some of this growth has come from the debasement of global currencies. As more money is printed, the value of stocks goes up – while the currency in which they are denominated falls. This does not mean that corporate profits have risen or that companies are worth more. Indeed, one of the reasons why predictions of hyperinflation (as a result of expansionary monetary policy) have not materialized is because this securitization process is soaking up a great deal of excess liquidity.

Global 2.0 to 3.0

Integration of new technology – much of it transferred out of black budget research and operations – is moving us from an industrial economy (Global 2.0) to a networked economy (Global 3.0). New technologies include robotics and AI, myriad new energy technologies, quantum computing, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and a revolution in material sciences and fabrication technology such as 3D printing. As this integration occurs, we are seeing significant “gapping” in learning metabolism and economic growth between the old and the new.

The Strategic Importance of Food and Water

From the creation of the World Trade Organization to the global effort to control and patent the seed supply to Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, we believe that the food wars and the desirability of a secure, fresh food supply will grow in importance.

America Goes Over the Fiscal Cliff

The US and global economic reality becomes clear by observing who pays the taxes, who gets federal money, securities, credit and contracts, and who can spend outside appropriations.  If you want to understand your world, you must follow the money.

Global Productivity Stalls

The old game of corporations increasing productivity by destroying government and human productivity has stalled, especially now with aging populations in the G-7 and China.  It’s time to align the Dow Jones Index and the Popsicle Index, but centralizers prefer corruption. That’s bad for productivity.

The Shift to the Multipolar World

In a unipolar world, you have one entity setting the rules and enforcing them — which is what we see today. In a multipolar world, you have many power centers competing and cooperating.

Decentralization – Can We Relocalize?

Getting one real thing done locally is better than spending hours watching fake news.  How can we help you find your opportunity?

Mind Control: Mr. Global Doubles Down

Mr. Global’s greatest power is the ability to “mind control” individuals and use that mind control to harvest and manipulate.  The first thing you can do to protect yourself and those you love is to understand how this technology works.

Investment Screening Grows

After you shift your bank deposits, vendors, and purchases, consider screening your investments.

Who Will Nourish the Field?

Our power is much greater than we realize.  Start by cleansing your “field” and nurturing your culture.

Environmental & Geophysical Stress

What environmental and geophysical risks are of concern to Mr. Global? Could those risks help to explain some of the global leadership’s crazy behavior?